Bayesian inferred phylogram for combined analysis (28S+COI) of North American Torrenticola: distributions of 57 species. Pink represents lineages distributed in eastern North America and blue represents lineages distributed in western North America (gray branches represent lineages distributed in both regions). Species marked with an asterisk are primarily eastern but have distributions extending into the west. Note that larger lineages contain species distributed in either the east or west, but not both. Numbers are DNA identification numbers. Scale bar indicates 0.1 substitutions per site. Dots denote posterior probably >95%.

  Part of: Fisher JR, Fisher DM, Skvarla MJ, Nelson WA, Dowling APG (2017) Revision of torrent mites (Parasitengona, Torrenticolidae, Torrenticola) of the United States and Canada: 90 descriptions, molecular phylogenetics, and a key to species. ZooKeys 701: 1-496.