Bayesian inferred cladogram for combined analysis (28S+COI) of North American Torrenticola: species complexes and identification groups. Four well-supported complexes are organized into 13 groups that are helpful for identification. Note that 1) not all identification groups are monophyletic (in quotation marks); 2) not all species are placed in a complex; and 3) some species are not placed within a group, reflecting their identification difficulty. Numbers are DNA identification numbers. Dots denote posterior probably >95%.

  Part of: Fisher JR, Fisher DM, Skvarla MJ, Nelson WA, Dowling APG (2017) Revision of torrent mites (Parasitengona, Torrenticolidae, Torrenticola) of the United States and Canada: 90 descriptions, molecular phylogenetics, and a key to species. ZooKeys 701: 1-496.