Terminology for coloration: blue – bluish-purple – purple-pink – reddish-purple – orange. Species depicted from top-left to bottom-right: T. gorti; T. erectirostra; T. biscutella; T. neoanomala; T. nigroalba; T. gorti; T. skvarlai; T. magnexa, and T. delicatexa.

  Part of: Fisher JR, Fisher DM, Skvarla MJ, Nelson WA, Dowling APG (2017) Revision of torrent mites (Parasitengona, Torrenticolidae, Torrenticola) of the United States and Canada: 90 descriptions, molecular phylogenetics, and a key to species. ZooKeys 701: 1-496. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.701.13261