Rusetria Complex (part I). All species are eastern, but note the distribution of T. sellersorum extends into New Mexico and Saskatchewan. A Species guide (overview of 28S+COI analysis from Figure 7–8) B Overview of Rusetria Complex from Figure 9 (COI-only analysis from Figure 9) C Detail of Rusetria Complex (in part) from B C Detail of Rusetria Complex (in part) from Figure 9. Colored lineages in A and B correspond to Group names and brackets in C. Dots denote posterior probably of greater than 95%. Taxa are displayed by DNA number and state (U.S.) or territory (Canada) abbreviation.

  Part of: Fisher JR, Fisher DM, Skvarla MJ, Nelson WA, Dowling APG (2017) Revision of torrent mites (Parasitengona, Torrenticolidae, Torrenticola) of the United States and Canada: 90 descriptions, molecular phylogenetics, and a key to species. ZooKeys 701: 1-496.