50% majority rule consensus tree of the family Candonidae constructed from the concatenated dataset of two nuclear (18S & 28S) and one mitochondrial (16S) markers. Numbers on the branches represent Bayesian posterior probabilities. Underlined taxa represent type species. Grey shaded taxa are Lake Baikal species. Tree rooted with Physocypria sp. Tribes are labeled with letters: A Candonini B Cryptocandonini C Candonopsini D Trapezicandonini E Humphreyscandonini.

  Part of: Karanovic I, Sitnikova TY (2017) Morphological and molecular diversity of Lake Baikal candonid ostracods, with description of a new genus. ZooKeys 684: 19-56. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.684.13249