Shells of Luzonocoptis gen. n. species. A–H Luzonocoptis antenna sp. n. (A–G holotype HNHM 99995 H paratype HNHM 99997) I–P Luzonocoptis angulata sp. n. (I–O holotype HNHM 99996 P paratype HNHM 99998). Arrows indicate the inner, separate portion of the columellar lamella. All photos B. Páll-Gergely.

  Part of: Páll-Gergely B, Hunyadi A, Asami T (2017) A new diplommatinid genus and two new species from the Philippines (Gastropoda, Caenogastropoda, Cyclophoroidea). ZooKeys 678: 1-10.