Map showing the type localities of Rhinella lilyrodriguezae sp. n. (○, yellow), selected species of the former genus Rhamphophryne (⊡, blue; with numbers 1 R. acrolopha 2 R. tenrec 3 R. lindae 4 R. nicefori 5 R. rostrata 6 R. ruizi 7 R. paraguas), species of the Rhinella festae group (⊙, red; with letters a R. macrorhina b R. festae c R. chavin d R. yanachaga e R. manu, f: Rhinella cf. nesiotes) and type localities of Rhinella nesiotes (★, green star) and Rhinella tacana (✙, cross, green). Abbreviation PRC: Park Rangers Center.

  Part of: Cusi JC, Moravec J, Lehr E, Gvoždík V (2017) A new species of semiarboreal toad of the Rhinella festae group (Anura, Bufonidae) from the Cordillera Azul National Park, Peru. ZooKeys 673: 21-47.