Shaded surface display volume renderings of 3D models of Zasphinctus obamai sp. n. paratype worker (CASENT0764127). A Head in full-face dorsal view B Head in anterodorsal view C Anterior cephalic dorsum and mandibles in anterodorsal view D Head in ventral view E Occiput in posterior view (ventral head facing upwards) F Head in posterodorsal view G Mesosoma in profile H Mesosoma in dorsal view I Abdominal segment II (petiole) in profile J Abdominal segment II (petiole) in dorsal view K Abdominal segment II (petiole) in ventral view L Abdominal segments III–VII in profile M Abdominal segments III and IV in dorsal view N Abdominal segments V–VII in dorsal view O Abdominal segments III–VII in ventral view.

  Part of: Hita Garcia F, Fischer G, Liu C, Audisio TL, Economo EP (2017) Next-generation morphological character discovery and evaluation: an X-ray micro-CT enhanced revision of the ant genus Zasphinctus Wheeler (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Dorylinae) in the Afrotropics. ZooKeys 693: 33-93.