Leiochrides yokjidoensis sp. n. A−F scanning electron micrographs A anterior end in left lateral view B chaetigers 4–5 in left dorsolateral view C chaetigers 11–12 in left lateroventral view D chaetiger 15 in left lateral view E notopodial hooded hooks of chaetiger 16 F neuropodial hooded hooks of chaetiger 16 in frontal view G–H photomicrographs G thorax and anterior abdomen, right lateral view showing methyl green staining reaction H posterior end of body in left lateral view (MABIKNA00145754). Abbreviations: ac, anal cirri; br, branchia; cc, capillary chaeta; ch, chaetiger; hh, hooded hook; lo, lateral organ; mf, main fang; per, peristomium; pro, prostomium

  Part of: Jeong M-K, Wi JH, Suh H-L (2017) A new species of Leiochrides from the Korean subtidal waters with notes on the taxonomic status of the genus Pseudomastus (Annelida, Capitellidae). ZooKeys 685: 91-103. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.685.12700