Detailed diagnostic characteristics of male Acutogordius taiwanensis sp. n. A Tiny bristles scattered anterior to postcloacal crescent B Tiny bristles scattered in concentrated groups on tail lobes C Lobe tips covered by moderately flat areoles with short spines amongst areoles D–E Short bristles scattered on the mid-body cuticle. Scale bars 200 µm (A–B), 100 µm (C–D), and 10 μm (E).

  Part of: Chiu M-C, Huang C-G, Wu W-J, Shiao S-F (2017) A new orthopteran-parasitizing horsehair worm, Acutogordius taiwanensis sp. n., with a redescription of Chordodes formosanus and novel host records from Taiwan (Nematomorpha, Gordiida). ZooKeys 683: 1-23.