Genitalia of Austromonticola postinventus. 76 penis, dorsal view 77 aedeagus, lateral view 78 male hemisternites 8 and spiculum gastrale, lateral view (muscles between hemisternites 8 and basal plate indicated) 79 male hemisternites 8 and spiculum gastrale with basal plate, ventral view 80 female tergite 8, dorsal view 81 ovipositor, dorsal view 82 bursal sclerite, anterior view 83 ovipositor and spermatheca, lateral view 84 female sternite 8, ventral view. Scale bars = 0.5 mm; 75–79 at same scale; 80–84 at same scale.

  Part of: Brown SDJ (2017) Austromonticola, a new genus of broad-nosed weevil (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae) from montane areas of New Zealand. ZooKeys 707: 73-130.