Metatarsal and tarsal scopae of legs I–IV of Phlogiellus lacking of maxillary lyra (P. longipalpus sp. n., P. mutas, P. aper, P. watasei, P. bundokalbo, and P. moniqueverdezae), indicating whether scopulae are entire, divided by rows of bristles or absent (grey – undivided, grey with black vertical line – divided, white – absent).

  Part of: Chomphuphuang N, Smith D, Wongvilas S, Sivayyapram V, Songsangchote C, Warrit N (2017) New species of Southeast Asian Dwarf Tarantula from Thailand: Phlogiellus Pocock, 1897 (Theraphosidae, Selenocosmiinae). ZooKeys 684: 57-73.