Prothoracic leg and spine measurement standards. Solid black lines indicate approximate location to take length and width measurements. Sphodromantis sp. prepared foreleg measurements (A–D): A forecoxal length B forefemoral length C forefemoral width D foretibial length; line 1 measures foretibial length from the proximal bend (pb) to the foretarsal insertion site; line 2 accounts for tibial spur length, but does not account for total spur length nor its angle; dashed black lines demonstrate approximate measurement endpoints. Sphodromantis sp. E unprepared foretibial length measurement (see note). Sphodromantis specimens presented in F–L are positioned for optimal viewing for the reader, not for obtaining accurate measurements. Ensure that structures are arranged appropriately before obtaining measurements. Prepared forefemoral spine length measurements (F–H): F anteroventral femoral spine length G discoidal spine length H posteroventral femoral spine length. Unprepared spine length measurements (I–J) (see note): I posteroventral spine length J anteroventral and posteroventral tibial spine lengths. K Prepared posteroventral tibial spine length measurements L close up view of approximate endpoints to obtain spine length measurements. Note: in unprepared specimens, obtaining certain measurements might be impossible, necessitating the remounting of such specimens. Asterisks (*) represent areas where specimen damage has occurred and sectional signs (§) represents potential areas where overlap can occur and re-mounting is needed to take measurements. Black arrow indicates cuticular margin abutting spine base. Abbreviations: avfs = anteroventral femoral spines; avts = anteroventral tibial spines; ds = discoidal spines; pb = proximal bend in the tibia; pvfs = posteroventral femoral spines; pvts = posteroventral tibial spines.

  Part of: Brannoch SK, Wieland F, Rivera J, Klass K-D, Béthoux O, Svenson GJ (2017) Manual of praying mantis morphology, nomenclature, and practices (Insecta, Mantodea). ZooKeys 696: 1-100.