Annotated illustrations of intact female genitalia Tenodera sinensis for taxonomic use. A segments are opened up 180° along the axis marked X, the upper half of the illustration shows the ventral side of segments VIII and IX in dorsal view, the lower half of the illustration shows the dorsal wall of the ventral fold vf7 and genital fold in ventral view B segments VIII and IX in lateral view C dorsal side of segments VIII and IX in dorsal view. Dotted lines indicate regions of membrane, connective tissues, and musculature. Abbreviations: agsl = accessory gland supporting lobe; CG8 = caudogyne; CX8 = coxa 8; cxdl = dorsolateral coxal lobelet; cxvl = ventrolateral coxal lobelet; egl7 = epigynal lobe; gfp7 = process of genital fold; gl9 = gonoplac 9; glbl9 = gonoplac basal lobe 9; gp8 = gonapophysis 8; gp9 = gonapophysis 9; gpal8 = apical lobe of gonapophysis 8; gpmo8 = medial outgrowth of gonapophysis 8; gptm9 = medial tine of gonapophysis 9; ppl7 = papilla lobe; rh = rhachis; sbp = spermathecal bulge; vf7 = ventral segmental fold 7; vfdcp7 = process of dorsal carina of ventral fold 7; VS7 = vestibular sclerite 7.

  Part of: Brannoch SK, Wieland F, Rivera J, Klass K-D, Béthoux O, Svenson GJ (2017) Manual of praying mantis morphology, nomenclature, and practices (Insecta, Mantodea). ZooKeys 696: 1-100.