Annotated illustrations of Sphodromantis sp. male genitalia for taxonomic use. Intact genital complex A dorsal view B ventral view. Disarticulated genital complex to isolate the individual phallomeres C–E: C left phallomere (of the left phallic complex), dorsal view D ventral phallomere (of the left phallic complex), dorsal view E right phallomere, ventral view. Blue text refers to major sclerotizations. Abbreviations: afa = anterior process (left phallomere); an = anterior extension of sclerite R3 (anterior apodeme); bm = dextral extension (right phallomere); fda = main posterior lobe (right phallomere); L4A = sclerite extending over the ventral wall (left phallomere); L4B = sclerite extending over the dorsal wall (left phallomere); loa = posteromesal (left phallomere); paa = posterior process (left phallomere); pda = posterior process (ventral phallomere); pia = process posterolateral to pva (right phallomere); pva = process anteromesal to pia (right phallomere); R3 = anteriorly extending sclerite (right phallomere).

  Part of: Brannoch SK, Wieland F, Rivera J, Klass K-D, Béthoux O, Svenson GJ (2017) Manual of praying mantis morphology, nomenclature, and practices (Insecta, Mantodea). ZooKeys 696: 1-100.