Neighbor-Joining overview topology based on COI K2P-distances for all North and Central American evolutionary lineages accessed in Weigand et al. (2013) and the three newly described Carychium species. COI data for C. mexicanum and C. jardineanum are added. Numbers at the branches indicate bootstrap support for the lineages. BOLD-IDs: Carychium lineage C1, E / SE USA: BARCA014-10, BARCA015-10, BARCA019-10, BARCA020-10, BARCA021-10, BARCA022-10, BARCA025-10, BARCA026-10, BARCA027-10, BARCA028-10, BARCA029-10, BARCA030-10, BARCA127-12; C2 C. exiguum (Say 1822): BARCA041-10, BARCA042-10, BARCA043-10; C3 C. exile H.C. Lea, 1842: BARCA044-10, BARCA045-10, BARCA046-10, BARCA047-10, BARCA048-10, BARCA049-10, BARCA050-10, BARCA051-10; Carychium lineage C4, USA; Florida: BARCA128-12; C5 C. floridanum G.H. Clapp, 1918: BARCA032-10, BARCA033-10, BARCA034-10, BARCA035-10, BARCA037-10; C9 C. hardiei sp. n.: BARCA038-10, BARCA039-10, BARCA040-10; C10 C. belizeense sp. n.: BARCA135-12, BARCA136-12; C11 C. costaricanum E. von Martens, 1898: BARCA137-12, BARCA138-12, BARCA139-12, BARCA140-12, BARCA141-12; Carychium lineage C12, Panama: BARCA142-12, BARCA143-12, BARCA144-12; C13 C. zarzaae sp. n.: BARCA145-12, BARCA146-12, BARCA147-12, BARCA148-12; C14 C. minimum O.F. Müller, 1774: BARCA064-10, BARCA065-10, BARCA069-10; C15 C. nannodes G.H. Clapp, 1905: BARCA099-10, BARCA100-10, BARCA149-12; C20 C. occidentale Pilsbry, 1891: BARCA054-10, BARCA055-10, BARCA058-10, BARCA059-10, BARCA061-10; C23 C. tridentatum (Risso, 1826): BARCA075-10, BARCA079-10, BARCA081-10; C. mexicanum Pilsbry, 1891: BARCA221-17; C. jardineanum (Chitty, 1853): BARCA222-17; Z3 Zospeum exiguum Kuščer, 1932; BARCA116-10; Z4: Zospeum frauenfeldi (Freyer, 1855): BARCA107-10.

  Part of: Jochum A, Weigand AM, Bochud E, Inäbnit T, Dörge DD, Ruthensteiner B, Favre A, Martels G, Kampschulte M (2017) Three new species of Carychium O.F. Müller, 1773 from the Southeastern USA, Belize and Panama are described using computer tomography (CT) (Eupulmonata, Ellobioidea, Carychiidae). ZooKeys 675: 97-127.