Map indicating geographic position of the new Carychium species and type localities of the North American and Central American allied species C. mexicanum, C. costaricanum, and C. floridanum. Carychium jardineanum is included in context for Jamaica. The grayscale indicates the local mean elevation. This map was downloaded from WORLDCLIM (Hijmans et al. 2005) and political borders were retrieved from Esri Data and Maps (2002).

  Part of: Jochum A, Weigand AM, Bochud E, Inäbnit T, Dörge DD, Ruthensteiner B, Favre A, Martels G, Kampschulte M (2017) Three new species of Carychium O.F. Müller, 1773 from the Southeastern USA, Belize and Panama are described using computer tomography (CT) (Eupulmonata, Ellobioidea, Carychiidae). ZooKeys 675: 97-127.