Diagnostic characters of Flagelligorgia gracilis sp. n. A general view of the holotype (USNM 49503) attached to a rocky substrate B detail of the holotype showing the biserial arrangement of polyps C,E cross-section of the stem of the holotype showing its four rounded longitudinal cords D detail of undulating concentric layers of the stem in cross-section. Scale bars: A: 10 mm, B: 5 mm, C, E: 0.1 mm, D: 0.01.

  Part of: Cairns SD, Cordeiro RTS (2017) A new genus and species of golden coral (Anthozoa, Octocorallia, Chrysogorgiidae) from the Northwest Atlantic. ZooKeys 668: 1-10. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.668.12203