Rhabdastrella distincta (Thiele, 1903) A, B specimens in situ (r), partially covered by the epibiotic sponge Amphimedon cf. sulcata Fromont, 1993 (a) specimen of Figure 5A is BU-575, that of Figure 5B is BU-560 CSEM image of a cross section of R. distincta (r) showing the radial tracts of oxeas in proximity of the external part, a indicates the epibiotic sponge A. cf. sulcataD histological preparation of R. distincta (r) and A. cf. sulcata (a) showing spherasters (black arrow) in the peripheral part, and oxeas of R. distincta (white arrow) penetrating the tissues of A. cf. sulcataE oxea F spheraster G oxyaster H oxyspheraster.

  Part of: Calcinai B, Bastari A, Bavestrello G, Bertolino M, Horcajadas SB, Pansini M, Makapedua DM, Cerrano C (2017) Demosponge diversity from North Sulawesi, with the description of six new species. ZooKeys 680: 105-150. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.680.12135