Right anterior gonopod, medial view of distal portion of telopodite (left) and lateral view of distal portion of coxite process (right); fo = fossa, cxp = coxite process, fl = posterobasal flange on telopodite, pg = prostatic groove, ps = pseudoflagellum, t = folded-over tab on coxite process, te = telopodite. Scale bars = 1 mm; dotted line indicates course of prostatic groove. A Amastigogonus danpicola sp. n., ex QVM 23:54378 B A. elephas sp. n., paratype, QVM 23:54369 C A. fossuliger Verhoeff, 1944, QVM 23:54406 D A. hardyi (Chamberlin, 1920), TMAG J5987 E A. hellyeri sp. n., paratype ex QVM 23:54515 F A. michaelsae sp. n., QVM 23:54387.

  Part of: Mesibov R (2017) Iulomorphid millipedes (Diplopoda, Spirostreptida, Iulomorphidae) of Tasmania, Australia. ZooKeys 652: 1-36. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.652.12035