Composition of the pairs of bases of DNA rich in AT and CG in R. neglectus (A, B) and R. taquarussuensis (C, D). A X sex chromosome rich in CG B Y sex chromosome rich in AT C X sex chromosome and various blocks dispersed in the prophase nucleus (arrows) rich in CG D Y sex chromosome rich in AT. X: X sex chromosome, Y: Y sex chromosome. Bar: 10μm.

  Part of: Rosa JA, Justino HHG, Nascimento JD, Mendonça VJ, Rocha CS, Carvalho DB, Falcone R, Azeredo-Oliveira MTV, Alevi KCC, Oliveira J (2017) A new species of Rhodnius from Brazil (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae). ZooKeys 675: 1-25.