Phylogenetic analyses derived for brachyurans using the maximum likelihood (ML) analyses and Bayesian inferences (BI) using dataset A (13 PCGs) and dataset B (13 PCGs + two rRNAs). Branch lengths and topologies came from ML analysis. Values at the branches represent BP (Bootstrap value)/BPP (Bayesian posterior probability). 100/1.00 is denoted by an asterisk. The horizontal line stands for BP under 50 or BPP under 0.9 ML analyses. The gene rearrangement is denoted by the block on (A): (I) the translocation of trnH shared by the Brachyura taxa sampled; (II) the transposition of trnQ shared by potamid species; (III) the five-gene block, (trnM-nad2-trnW-trnC-trnY), translocation shared by three Sinopotamon crabs sampled.

  Part of: Yuhui X, Lijun Z, Yue H, Xiaoqi W, Chen Z, Huilun Z, Ruoran W, Da P, Hongying S (2017) Complete mitochondrial genomes from two species of Chinese freshwater crabs of the genus Sinopotamon recovered using next-generation sequencing reveal a novel gene order (Brachyura, Potamidae). ZooKeys 705: 41-60.