Mitochondrial genome sequenced in the present study. Gene order and sizes are shown relative to one another, including non-coding regions. Protein-coding genes encoded on the light strand are underlined. Transfer RNA (tRNA) genes encoded on the light strand are underlined. Each tRNA gene is designated by a single-letter amino acid code, except L1 (trnLeu (CUN)), L2 (trnLeu (UUR)), S1 (trnSer (AGN)) and S2 (trnSer (UCN)). Numbers inside circles represent the size of the non-coding region separating two adjacent genes or the amount of shared nucleotides between two overlapping genes. The translocations of gene or gene block are shaded gray.

  Part of: Yuhui X, Lijun Z, Yue H, Xiaoqi W, Chen Z, Huilun Z, Ruoran W, Da P, Hongying S (2017) Complete mitochondrial genomes from two species of Chinese freshwater crabs of the genus Sinopotamon recovered using next-generation sequencing reveal a novel gene order (Brachyura, Potamidae). ZooKeys 705: 41-60.