Generic characters for Mesomerodon. 9 Left mandible of M. gilletti, dorsal view (broadly rounded externally with 2 interior, acute teeth; molar region broad) 10 Maxilla of M. gilletti, ventral view (with 6 teeth; galea not fused) 11 Labrum, dorsal view, of M. gilletti (apex emarginate medially) 12 Mentum, ventral view, of M. gilletti (subrectangular in shape, broadest at middle, apex emarginated) 13 Spiculum gastrale of M. gilletti 14 Wing of M. spinipenne showing venation and inset showing dense, thick setae associated with ScA and setose region anterior to RA3+415 Protarsomere 5 of M. barclayi sp. n., male, showing well defined, ventromedial emargination 16 Mesofemur of M. gilletti male, ventral view, showing acute process projecting posteriorly on posterior margin 17 Elytral apex of M. gilletti, lateral view, showing spiniform callus

  Part of: Seidel M, Jameson ML, Stone RL (2017) A new cryptic species and review of the east-Andean leaf chafer genus Mesomerodon Ohaus, 1905 (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Rutelinae). ZooKeys 671: 61-85.