Field observations (Sichuan: Lingyanguanyinshan scenic area) of Paussus (Scaphipaussus) zhouchaoi sp. n. (Photoed by Li He) A biotope B the rotten deadwood inhabited by P. (S.) zhouchaoi sp. n. and its host ants (Pheidole sp.) CP. (S.) zhouchaoi sp. n. on the rotten deadwood DP. (S.) zhouchaoi sp. n. on the palm of the collector Li He.

  Part of: Wang C-B (2017) Paussus (Scaphipaussus) zhouchaoi sp. n., a new myrmecophilous species from China (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Paussinae, Paussini). ZooKeys 663: 133-143.