Ungla nigromaculifrons Sosa: Male genitalia, (a) gonarcal complex, lateral, with gonosaccus expanded (b) gonarcus, dorsal [Note internal structure of mediuncus.] (c) gonarcus, posterior and slightly dorsal [Note shape of gonarcus.] (d) gonarcus, frontal. gsac gonosaccus g.ap. gonarcal apodeme g.br. gonarcal bridge mu mediuncus pr unarticulated process on frontal margin of gonarcal apodeme s.p. setose subanal plate (Venezuela, Táchira, UMSP).

  Part of: Tauber CA, Sosa F, Albuquerque GS, Tauber MJ (2017) Revision of the Neotropical green lacewing genus Ungla (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae). ZooKeys 674: 1-188. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.674.11435