Chrysopa bolivari Banks: External features, (a) labels (b) head, dorsum, damaged (c) head, frontolateral, damaged [note: protruding mesal lobe beneath scape and bulbous clypeal area] (d) head, ventral (e) body, lateral (f) forewing (g) hindwing. cly clypeus l.p. labial palp mx.p. maxillary palp lobe protruding frontal lobe (all: Colombia, San Antonio, holotype, probably male, terminalia missing, MCZ).

  Part of: Tauber CA, Sosa F, Albuquerque GS, Tauber MJ (2017) Revision of the Neotropical green lacewing genus Ungla (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae). ZooKeys 674: 1-188.