Ungla chacranella (Banks): Male abdomen, (a) segments A6-terminus, lateral (b) segments A7-terminus, lateral (c) segments A6 and A7, lateral (d) spiracle, left: opening on integumental surface, right: internal, immediately below integumental opening [Note enlarged flap.] (e) tergite T9 + ectoproct, dorsal (f) fused sternites 8+9, ventral, with robust, flanged setae along margin of S9 (g) enlarged, flanged setae on margin of S9, left, right (h) callus cerci. c.c. callus cerci fl.s. flanged setae inv distal invagination of dorsal T9+ectoproct sp spiracle S8+9 fused eighth and ninth sternites T6, T8 sixth and eighth tergites T9+e ninth tergite + ectoproct (Argentina; a, b, g-right Mendoza, CAS; c, d La Rioja, FSCA; e Tucumán, USNM; f, g-left, h Salta, FSCA).

  Part of: Tauber CA, Sosa F, Albuquerque GS, Tauber MJ (2017) Revision of the Neotropical green lacewing genus Ungla (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae). ZooKeys 674: 1-188. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.674.11435