Microscopic (A, C, E) and ┬ÁCT surface rendered (B, D, F) images of the entire body of Asteronyx loveni (NSMT E-6986). A, B a part of disc, oral lateral view C, D basal part of an arm, oral lateral view E oral disc, oral view. An arrow in E indicates the orientation of observation of F; F two jaws, lateral view. The other jaws are virtually dissected. Parallel teeth are indicated by numeral with apostrophe or double apostrophe. Abbreviations: ABG, abradial plate; ADG, adradial plate; ASH, adoral shield; ASP, arm spine; GSL, genital slit; LAP, lateral arm plate; M, madreporite; OPA, oral papilla; OPL, oral plate; RS, radial shield; TC, tentacle; TO, tooth; TP, tentacle pore; V, vertebra; VAP, ventral arm plate.

  Part of: Okanishi M, Fujita T, Maekawa Y, Sasaki T (2017) Non-destructive morphological observations of the fleshy brittle star, Asteronyx loveni using micro-computed tomography (Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea, Euryalida). ZooKeys 663: 1-19. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.663.11413