Dichromadora media sp. nov. A lateral view of male anterior region showing cuticle and amphidial fovea (holotype) B lateral view of male buccal cavity (holotype); C lateral view of male anterior region showing pharyngeal region (holotype) D lateral view of female anterior region showing buccal cavity, amphidial fovea and pharyngeal region (22ZJT8-2-7) E lateral view of female whole body (22ZJT8-2-7) F lateral view of male posterior body, showing precloacal supplements and tail (holotype); G lateral view of spicules and gubernaculum (22ZJT8-2-5) H lateral view of female posterior body showing tail (22ZJT8-2-7). Scale bars: 20 µm (A–D, F, H); 50 µm (E).

  Part of: Liang H, Guo W, Wang C (2024) Two new species of Hypodontolaiminae (Nematoda, Chromadorida, Chromadoridae) from the Yellow Sea with a phylogenetic analysis in the subfamily. ZooKeys 1190: 281-302. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1190.113418