Notaulax yamasui sp. n. (A–E) and Megalomma sp. (F, G), internal structure of radiole. Notaulax yamasui sp. n. A radiole tip, lateral view B, C internal structure of proximal region of radiole D, E, internal structure of sub-distal swelling. Megalomma sp. F, G internal structure of compound eye F radiole with compound eye, lateral view G internal structure of compound eye, with many individual photoreceptor units (pu) B–E and G are drawn from sliced sections of eyes and radioles. Abbreviations: sc, skeletal cells; pu, photoreceptor unit. Scale bars 100μm (A), 200μm (B–E), 300μm (F), 20μm (G).

  Part of: Nishi E, Gil J, Tanaka K, Kupriyanova EK (2017) Notaulax yamasui sp. n. (Annelida, Sabellidae) from Okinawa and Ogasawara, Japan, with notes on its ecology. ZooKeys 660: 1-16.