Notaulax yamasui sp. n. SEM micrographs of chaetae and uncini. A collar chaetae B 3rd left notopodial thoracic fascicle C detail of B, showing superior chaetae D uncini and companion chaetae, 3rd thoracic neuropodial torus E inferior abdominal spatulate chaetae showing distal mucros from 7th fascicle of abdomen, lateral view F abdominal uncini. Scale bars 30μm (A), 60μm (B), 40μm (C), 30μm (D, E), 12μm (F).

  Part of: Nishi E, Gil J, Tanaka K, Kupriyanova EK (2017) Notaulax yamasui sp. n. (Annelida, Sabellidae) from Okinawa and Ogasawara, Japan, with notes on its ecology. ZooKeys 660: 1-16.