Folsomia minorae sp. n. 1 habitus 2 macrochaetae and s and ms-chaetae on body 3 anterior part of head 4 distal part of Leg III 5–6 furca, anterior (5) and lateral (6) view. Scale bar 0.3 mm in 1; 0.15 mm in 2, 0.03 mm in others.

  Part of: Potapov M, Janion-Scheepers C, Deharveng L (2017) Taxonomy of the Cryptopygus complex. II. Affinity of austral Cryptopygus s.s. and Folsomia, with the description of two new Folsomia species (Collembola, Isotomidae). ZooKeys 658: 131-146.