Pulvinaria tenuivalvata (Newstead). 2A marginal setae 2B anterior spiracular setae 2C anterior spiracle 3A tibio-tarsal articulatory sclerosis 3B tarsal digitules 3, claw digitules unequal 4A antenna 4B ventral tubular ducts of the type I 5A posterior spiracular setae 5B ventral tubular ducts of the type I 6 dorsal conical setae.

  Part of: Abdel-Razak SI, Matile-Ferrero D, Soulier-Perkins A (2017) Redescription of the red-striped soft scale, Pulvinaria tenuivalvata (Newstead), with a new synonymy (Hemiptera, Coccomorpha, Coccidae). ZooKeys 647: 101-107. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.647.11225