Dorsal-lateral view of Hispidoberyx ambagiosus Kotlyar, 1981, ASIZP 81665, 162.0 mm SL, showing sensory canals (white) on head and nearby bones (black). Red arrow indicates the fenestration connecting COR and TC. Abbreviations: COR, coronal commissure; Fr, frontal; LL, lateral line; Na, nasal; Pa, parietal; Pt, posttemporal; SOC, supraorbital canal; STC, supratemporal canal; TC, temporal canal. Anterior to left. Not to scale.

  Part of: Su Y, Lin C-H, Ho H-C (2023) ´╗┐Redescription of the hispidoberycid, Hispidoberyx ambagiosus Kotlyar, 1981 from Taiwan, with comments on its morphology (Beryciformes, Stephanoberycoidei, Hispidoberycidae). ZooKeys 1182: 19-34.