Scanning electron micrographs of Sulawesifulvius schuhi (♂, paratype). 5 Dorsal habitus 6 Head and pronotum (lateral view) 7 Head (dorsal view) 8, 9 Structure and vestiture of hemelytron 10 Protarsus 11 Posterior half of male abdomen (dorsal view). Abbreviations: gc = genital capsule; lp = left paramere; pr = proctiger; ps = paramere socket; rp = right paramere.

  Part of: Wolski A, Yasunaga T, Gorczyca J, Herczek A (2017) Sulawesifulvius thailandicus – a new species of the genus Sulawesifulvius Gorczyca, Chérot & Štys from Thailand (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Miridae, Cylapinae). ZooKeys 647: 109-119.