Male genitalia of Zorotypus komatsui sp. nov. with six inconspicuous sclerites, one globular less sclerotized structure (arrows) and two membranous projections (asterisks) A–D light micrographs E CLSM images (white arrowhead denotes a projection, and the black one denotes microstructures) F schema showing positions of six sclerites A, D ventral view B, C, E lateral view D lateral view, the sclerites were traced on E.

  Part of: Matsumura Y, Maruyama M, Ntonifor NN, Beutel RG (2023) A new species of Zoraptera, Zorotypus komatsui sp. nov. from Cameroon and a redescription of Zorotypus vinsoni Paulian, 1951 (Polyneoptera, Zoraptera). ZooKeys 1178: 39-59.