Baiyuerius acroprocessus (Zhang, Zhu & Wang, 2017), comb. nov., male holotype A left male pedipalp, prolateral view B same, ventral view C same, retrolateral view. Arrows show the hypophysis of cymbium. Abbreviations: A = atrium; C = conductor; CDA = dorsal apophysis of conductor; CF = cymbial furrow; E = embolus; EB = embolic base; LTA = lateral tibial apophysis; MA = median apophysis; PA = patellar apophysis; PES = posterior epigynal sclerite; RTA = retrolateral tibial apophysis; ST = subtegulum; T = tegulum.

  Part of: Luo B, Lu F, Zhang Z-S, Wang L-Y (2023) A further study on the spider genus Baiyuerius Zhao, Li & Li, 2023, from China (Agelenidae, Coelotinae). ZooKeys 1184: 91-102.