Aedeagus of Lycocerus curvatus (Wittmer, 1995): A ventral view B dorsal view C lateral view. Abbreviations: bp – basal piece; dp – dorsal plate of each paramere; lp – laterophyse; ml – median lobe; vp – ventral process of each paramere; is – inner sac. Scale bar: 1.0 mm. The red hues show basal pieces (with middle nodule in ventral part missing), green for parameres, and yellow represents median lobe exhibiting with inner sac and laterophyses.

  Part of: Wang Y, Liu H, Yang X, Yang Y (2023) Review of the Lycocerus pallidulus group (Coleoptera, Cantharidae), with descriptions of six new species from China. ZooKeys 1176: 243-285.