Dorsolateral and ventral views in life of Pristimantis gladiator species complex and related species A Pristimantis donnelsoni sp. nov. female, DHMECN 14701, holotype, LRC: 15.42 mm B Pristimantis donnelsoni sp. nov. male, DHMECN 18854, LRC: 13.66 mm from Cerro Candelaria C Pristimantis kayi sp. nov. female, ZSFQ 0775, holotype, LRC: 19.7 mm D Pristimantis kayi sp. nov. male, DHMECN 14450 LRC: 13.58 mm, from Reserva Machay E Pristimantis gladiator sensu stricto female, DHMECN 12463, LRC: 20.38 mm F Pristimantis gladiator sensu stricto, male DHMECN 12474, LRC: 16.87 mm; from Río Quijos drainage G Pristimantis festae female, DHMECN 16280, LRC: 20.19 mm H Pristimantis festae, male (left), DHMECN 16837, LRC: 16.50 mm; female (right), DHMECN 16836, LRC: 19.80 mm; Photographers: JPRP (A, B), MYM (D, E, F, H); Patricia Bejarano (G); José Vieira (C).

  Part of: Reyes-Puig JP, Urgilés-Merchán M, Franco-Mena D, Guayasamin JM, Batallas D, Reyes-Puig C (2023) Two new species of terrestrial frogs of the Pristimantis gladiator complex (Anura, Strabomantidae) from the Ecuadorian Andes, with insights on their biogeography and skull morphology. ZooKeys 1180: 257-293.