Habitat vegetation at type localities and etymology of the two new frogs described herein. Photographs by JPRP and Zane Libke A panoramic view of the upper Pastaza Valley and its adjacent mountains, main geographic barriers promoting speciation at a regional scale, at back Tungurahua Volcano and mountains south of the Pastaza River habitat of Pristimantis donnelsoni sp. nov., image from the slopes of Cerro Mayordomo type locality of Pristimantis kayi sp. nov., in the northern mountains to the Pastaza River B Tungurahua Volcano eruption, from Chamana Reserve C Montane forest in Candelaria Reserve D Don Nelson Palacios (+) during an expedition; we tribute his work with the naming of Pristimantis donnelsoni sp. nov. E Sumaco Volcano seen from Wawa Sumaku, habitat of P. kayi sp. nov. F Montane forest and subpáramo in Leito, Patate G Andreas Kay (+); we honour his devotion to nature photography and research in the upper Pastaza Valley and through Ecuador by naming Pristimantis kayi sp. nov.

  Part of: Reyes-Puig JP, Urgilés-Merchán M, Franco-Mena D, Guayasamin JM, Batallas D, Reyes-Puig C (2023) Two new species of terrestrial frogs of the Pristimantis gladiator complex (Anura, Strabomantidae) from the Ecuadorian Andes, with insights on their biogeography and skull morphology. ZooKeys 1180: 257-293. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1180.107333