Morphological structures for Yumtaax species. 1 Head structures for identification of Yumtaax species. Central tooth of the mesofrontal structure (MSF) short (1A) versus long (1B). Eye size large in Yumtaax nebulosus (distal edge of the eye surpasses the distal edge of the canthus); eye size reduced in Y. cameliae (distal edge of the eye does not surpass the distal edge of the canthus). Scale bars: 1 mm 2 Mesotibia showing dorsal ridge elevated at the middle and setose (lateral view) of Yumtaax cameliae sp. n. 3 Head, ventral view, of Yumtaax cameliae sp. n. showing the infraocular ridge. Scale bar: 1.5 mm

  Part of: Beza-Beza CF, Beck J, Reyes-Castillo P, Jameson ML (2017) Phylogeny of the genus Yumtaax Boucher (Coleoptera, Passalidae, Proculini): Taxonomic and evolutionary implications with descriptions of three new species. ZooKeys 667: 95-129.