Nippononeta alpina comb. n. (A–E) epigynum A ventral B dorsal C lateral D ventral, cleared with ventral plate removed E lateral, cleared with ventral plate removed F male abdomen, ventral, shows epiandrous gland spigots absent G tracheal system, cleared H female palp, shows distal claw absent. Abbreviations: CG copulatory groove; DLW lateral wing on distal part of scape; DPS distal part of scape; FG fertilization groove; IL inner lobe; PLW lateral wing on proximal part of scape; S1 upper chamber of spermatheca; S2 lower chamber of spermatheca; SC scape; SG special gland; ST stretcher; TDF transversal dorsal fold; VP ventral plate.

  Part of: Bao M, Bai Z, Tu L (2017) On a desmitracheate “micronetine” Nippononeta alpina (Li & Zhu, 1993), comb. n. (Araneae, Linyphiidae). ZooKeys 645: 133-146.