Nippononeta alpina comb. n., male palp. A retrolateral B prolateral C prolateral with embolic division removed D detail of A, arrows indicate serrated surface of DTA (upper right), median branch of paracymbium (upper left) and outer margin fold (lower) (E–H) embolic division E dorsal F ventral, arrow indicates embolic spine G anterior H detail of F, shows hided EP. Abbreviations: ARP anterior radical process; AX apex of embolus; CRL cymbial retrolateral lobe; DTA distal tibial apophysis; E embolus; EM embolic membrane; EP embolus proper; LC lamella characteristica; P paracymbium; PF posterior fold; PH pit hook; PHS pit hook sclerite; PTP proximal tibial process; R radix; SPT suprategulum; TA terminal apophysis; TH thumb of embolus.

  Part of: Bao M, Bai Z, Tu L (2017) On a desmitracheate “micronetine” Nippononeta alpina (Li & Zhu, 1993), comb. n. (Araneae, Linyphiidae). ZooKeys 645: 133-146.