Candidiopotamon rathbuni (De Man, 1914): male (44.6 × 36.8 mm) from Chiayi, western Taiwan (RUMF-ZC-86) (A–E); male (35.4 × 31.2 mm) from Miaoli, northwestern Taiwan (NCHUZOOL 15194) (F1); male (36.7 × 31.1 mm) from Chiayi, western Taiwan (NCHUZOOL 15205) (F2); male (36.3 × 30.7 mm) from Taiwu, Pingtung, southwestern Taiwan (NCHUZOOL 15199) (F3). A carapace, dorsal view B carapace, frontal view C male major chela, outer view D1 left G1, ventral view D2 left G1, dorsal view D3 left G1 terminal segment, dorsal view E left G2 F1–3 left G1s terminal segment, dorsal view. Scale bars: 10 mm (A–C); 2 mm (D–F). Arrow indicates the keel-like projection on the distal inner edge of the terminal segment.

  Part of: Shih H-T, Naruse T, Schubart CD (2023) Molecular evidence and differences in gonopod morphology lead to the recognition of a new species of the freshwater crab genus Candidiopotamon Bott, 1967 (Crustacea, Brachyura, Potamidae) from eastern Taiwan. ZooKeys 1179: 169-196.