Soft anatomical characters of Diaurora A Diaurora aurorea, 22_NCU_XPWU_DA15 B Diaurora laeve sp. nov., 22_NCU_XPWU_DL50. aam, anterior adductor muscle; pam, posterior adductor muscle; ea, excurrent aperture; ia, incurrent aperture; pia, papillae of the incurrent aperture; pea, papillae of the excurrent aperture; ig, inner gills; og, outer gills; m, mantle; lp, labial palps; vm, visceral mass; f, foot.

  Part of: Chen Z-G, Dai Y-T, Ouyang S, Huang X-C, Wu X-P (2023) ´╗┐Unveiling the identity of Diaurora Cockerell, 1903 (Bivalvia, Unionidae): morphology, molecular phylogenetics, and the description of a new species. ZooKeys 1173: 131-144.