Maximum Likelihood tree of concatenated genes 16S rRNA, COI, RAG1 and TYR taken from GenBank and novel sequences. Numbers on nodes are bootstrap values (see Materials and Methods section for details). Green shadow corresponds to the ingroup. Pristimantis similaris sp. nov. in red, Pristimantis sp. 3 from Bolivia in purple and Pristimantis sp. from Cusco in blue. Maximum Likelihood optimal tree with bootstrap node values from the analysis of a concatenated dataset of 591 bp (16S), 685 bp (COI), 624 bp (RAG1) and 545 bp (TYR) of 128 species aligned by MAFFT and node support assessed using 10,000 replicates in IQTREE.

  Part of: Herrera-Alva V, Catenazzi A, Aguilar-Puntriano C (2023) A new cryptic species of terrestrial breeding frog of the Pristimantis danae Group (Anura, Strabomantidae) from montane forests in Ayacucho, Peru. ZooKeys 1187: 1-29.