H. ephedra sp. nov. A live ♂ holotype (SDSU_TAC000680) B ♂ holotype (SDSU_TAC000680), dorsal view C ♂ palp, retrolateral view, holotype (SDSU_TAC000680) D ♂ leg I, prolateral view, holotype (SDSU_TAC000680) E ♂ palp, retrolateral view (Quail Spring, RWM 23_032) F ♂ leg I, prolateral view (Quail Spring, RWM 23_032) G live ♀ (Quail Spring, RWM 23_032) H ♀ paratype spermathecae (pencil outline included to show boundaries of medial and lateral receptacles).

  Part of: Monjaraz-Ruedas R, Mendez RW, Hedin M (2023) Species delimitation, biogeography, and natural history of dwarf funnel web spiders (Mygalomorphae, Hexurellidae, Hexurella) from the United States / Mexico borderlands. ZooKeys 1167: 109-157. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1167.103463