Measurements of worker of the Leptogenys modiglianii species group. A Head, full-face view B lateral view C petiole, lateral view D dorsal view. Abbreviations: HL Head length, HLL Head lateral margin length, HLA Anterior head length, HW Head width, CML Clypeal median lobe length, SL Scape length, EL Eye length, PrL Pronotum length, PrH Pronotum height, PrW Pronotum width, WL Weber’s length, PeL Petiole length, PeH Petiole height, PeW Petiole width.

  Part of: Arimoto K (2017) Taxonomy of the Leptogenys modiglianii species group from southeast Asia (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Ponerinae). ZooKeys 651: 79-106.