Laniatores species described from Colombia A the pie chart shows authors who described two or more species. For each author, every described species was counted, regardless of whether the authorship of the species is shared with other authors. For example, Usatama infumatus was described by Kury, García & Medrano, 2019, and was counted as a species for each author. Authors with one species are included in the others category B accumulation curve of Laniatores species described from Colombia. Pink: descriptions made between 1833 and 1911; ochre: 1912–1963; green: 1964–2023 C Laniatores species in RUNAP D families of Laniatores species described from Colombia.

  Part of: Villarreal O, Ahumada-C. D, Delgado-Santa L (2023) Mapping the distribution of armored harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores) in Colombia: updated list of species, taxonomic contributions, and insight of diversity in protected areas. ZooKeys 1175: 223-284.